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And so it begins...

Hello fellow Johnny Depp fans and welcome to "Depp Dates", a communtiy created for the sole purpose of keeping fellow JD fans up to date on when Mr. Depp will be on TV, releaseing a new movie, or doing anything else that may be of interest to the fans.

This community has restricted posting and so there should only be posts to it once a week or so. Twice at the most. If you happen to keep up on Mr. Depps whereabouts and would like posting access then pls contact the maintainer via her contact info in the community profile.

Pls join the community so the maintainers have a way of knowing just how many people are checking it out and thanks for checking us out.

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Did I tell you I ordered the book that The Ninth Gate is based on from Amazon.com? "El Club Dumas"
Hmm...must look for that.
Thank you for making this community... This is a great community...I have always wanted to be able to look some where to find all of this information out!!!!
thanks for making this community! it's such a good idea and will make stalking keeping up with johnny so much easier.
Oh that reminds me, must add lil note to info page:
"We here at Depp_Dates are can not be held responsible for the stalking of Mr.Depp via the information posted in this community. We also take no form of responsibility for addictions, obsessions, or cases of Depp-Itis brought on by the information posted here.

XD perfect. although i would never accuse you of anything--my obsessiveness goes way back before this community...